BETON ASFALTI is a company with a strong family tradition in the production and commercialization of aggregates, asphalts, cold asphalts for road maintenance, road crack sealants, fast curing resins and fast setting mortars.
Mr. Alfredo Inama is the company’s CEO


Prior to the system’s installation, maintenance management used to depend on manual data recording on paper or Excel spreadsheets. Also due to the different computer skill level among operators, these methods didn’t allow for a precise maintenance costs estimation.

BETON ASFALTI needed a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use solution to allow our operators to manage all planned and unplanned maintenance interventions, quality control ,etc with just one tool. Q-MAINTENANCE, Ma-estro CMMS’s solution, solved all of our issues. Their software is suitable for all industrial application and it let us manage costs and maintenance schedule, log time and operator of every intervention, manage costs, print detailed reports and attach any file or media, all available 24/7 via desktop, tablet or smartphone.


With Q-MAINTENANCE we were able to provide all of our operators with an easy-to-use software and to plan an intelligent maintenance management program that minimizes unplanned downtimes and save costs.
Here is our technical managers opinion: ” Usually our operators are reluctant to adopt new tools or software, but it was not the case with Q-MAINTENANCE as it’s very easy to learn how to use it.
BETON ASFALTI and Ma-estro really speak the same language, they fully understand our needs.